The support the Order gives is dependent upon the generosity of its members and supporters. Collectively our donations make a real difference.


A real and present emergency

Within the Patriarchate, as elsewhere, the present emergency has hit hard. Economic life has collapsed, unemployment rising, and borders closed to those who travelled to work.

Difficulties are entrenched and sustained. There is an insufficiency of social support to sustain families in accessing essential services and schools. Two thousand families are currently assessed as in lacking in basic needs- food, medicine, hygiene and baby care supplies. Ten thousand families may not be able to send their children to school without help.

Additional help is urgently needed. The Order worldwide has set itself to meeting this urgent need by establishing a dedicated ‘Covid-19 Humanitarian Support Fund’. It will save lives, and through maintaining education, sustain childrens’ futures.

Please help by making a donation – marking it ‘Covid 19 HSF’.

How to make a donation

You can make a donation safe and securely via PayPal.

In England and Wales the Order operates through a charity registered and regulated by the Charity Commission. It has little by way of administrative overhead and, in recent years, the Lieutenancy has annually provided in excess of £300,000 in support of its works.

Additionally, where funds are provided to us for a specific project (whether as gift or bequest) this is achieved.

Your help will make a real difference. Please consider making a donation to us through Paypal, or by making provision as bequest (we will be happy to provide information in this regard through ‘contact us’).