50 Faces of the Holy Land

’50 Faces’ of the Holy Land is a photographic exhibition commissioned by the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England & Wales to highlight and promote the lives of the faithful in Israel, Gaza and the Occupied Territories.

The photographs taken by Marcin Mazur show how the faces of people are marked with the history, the diversity, the joys and sufferings of the Holy Land. Each face tells a story.

You can see all 50 faces and read more about it at theholyland.org.uk

Copyright: Foto @Vatican Media

Pilgrimage in the Holy Land is an important manifestation of commitment to the Order. It makes yet more vivid our encounter with the Lord, and, the lands in which He undertook His mission on earth, and the peoples who live there during these politically troubled times.

Members of the Order on pilgrimage are frequently able to deepen their understanding by encounter, as well as witnessing the Mission of the Order being realised – in schools, through social care and the shared celebration of faith. In a real sense, the Order is part of the extended family of the Patriarchate, and pilgrims receive much more than they give

“It is sad fact that in such troubled times, the reality of life for the people is difficult. The maintenance of institutions – caring, educational and religious depends critically upon external support”